The Beginning

And I finally write my blog. From 2015 I have decided to write a blogs about my activities in finding of my passion and learning to developed it.

After graduate (2001), I start looking for a job at a TV station when I found out the become a TV Presenter was somehow awesome don’t know is my passion or not but I found it awesome. Unfortunately I often got rejected because I guess because I don’t have the camera type of face. But mean while I have to work. I need money.

And I work in the matter to earn money. At a company become whatever the company employed. When I work I gave it all, and I have receive good credit from the company but I always feel empty.

And one day  (7 years ago)  I got the opportunity to handle a new team of telemarketing and customer service, even though the salary was very low I feel challenge. I take that opportunity. It is a new team, and I try my best to make the team have the skills. There I accidentally learn how to coach, teach both hard skills and soft skills. And I enjoyed doing coaching and developed people especially their soft skills (character building, emotion). And I realize I finally found my passion. How about you?

Stay tune and I give you the hint off living a happy live (at work etc)